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Friday, February 9, 2007

Submit RSS Feeds

Submit RSS Feeds to RSS Feed Directory with RSS Submission Software

RSS technology has totally changed the internet landscape when it found its way online since early 2000. RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. I shall attempt to simplify the terminology behind RSS as we walk through and understand what RSS is, what role RSS can play in website promotion and why we need RSS submission software like RSS Feeds Submit.

RSS feeds are XML files. The primary purpose of RSS feeds is to give you updated web content that dynamically changes. If you are familiar with static HTML, you would know that the content doesn’t change, that’s why it’s called static content. Webmasters use RSS feeds to display fresh content on their websites so that visitors can constantly find new information. Gone are the days where webmaster has to constantly hunt for new web content and update their web pages. Nowadays, once they have parsed their web pages and enabled RSS feed display on their websites, visitors can easily view the content.

Our browsers are built to read HTML files. XML files are not exactly readable through our default browsers. In order to read these files, we would need RSS readers or aggregators. These readers could be web-based or operate as a Windows application. Input the RSS feed and the content is displayed in readable format.

Who Uses RSS Feeds?

Webmasters as we have mentioned use RSS feeds from new sources from Google, Yahoo, article directories or commercial websites to display the latest news stories or informational material on their websites. This has two immediate benefits – one in providing fresh content to entice repeat visitors, and the other to rank better in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. In recent years, SEO places much emphasis on web content; how often it is updated, and how unique the content is. Using RSS feeds would ensure that web pages continue to offer relevant content to readers.

Anyone who wants to find research material or read the latest scoop on financial and world news, journals and entertainment gossip can find the RSS feeds at major RSS feed directories.

Why Do People Submit RSS Feeds to RSS Feed Directories?

Webmasters also build RSS feeds from their websites for distribution to RSS feed directories. Folks looking for information or research materials in specific niches can find what they need at places like Feedster, Technorati, etc. The main reason of doing so is to gain greater exposure and drive more traffic to their websites. Each RSS feed that is displayed on another website is effectively a link back to their website.

Commercial companies, publishers or news press do make use of RSS feeds as a medium to distribute news, or advertise their products. Amazon is a great example. People who subscribe to their feeds would get the most updated news or latest promotional offers, while these RSS feed owners get to reach a targeted audience. It is mutually beneficial.

The problem webmasters, commercial companies, or small businesses face when they submit RSS feeds is it can take considerable time to submit to all the online RSS feed directories. There is a way to work around this, that is, using RSS submission software to submit their RSS feeds.

Read more about the most popular RSS submission software webmasters and business owners are using to submit RSS feeds to RSS feed directories in my next post.

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